• Christmas Menu

    • Starters

      Hearty lentil soup with bread & butter. V GFP

      Mixed prawn cocktail with devil mayo & bread. GFP

      Homemade Yorkshire pudding stuffed with beef drizzled with a rich gravy. With a turnip puree base.

      Breaded Scottish brie with a cranberry dip & side salad. V

    • Main Course

      Roasted turkey crown with all the trimmings

      (carrots, parsnips, brussels sprouts, pigs in the blanket, roast potatoes, mash & red cabbage), cranberry, pistachio & nibbed bacon garnish with lashings of rich gravy. GFP

      Salmon en croute with cream cheese and spinach on roast potatoes. Mash, red cabbage and seasonal veg, with a cream & leek sauce.

      Wild mushroom risotto with garlic bread. V GFP

      Roasted topside beef served with all the trimmings (carrots, parsnips, brussels sprouts, yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, mash & red cabbage) covered in rich gravy. GFP

    • Desserts

      Homemade cinnamon apple crumble with vanilla ice cream. Xmas pudding with mixed berries and cinnamon custard. V

      Vanilla panna cottas with pistachio crumb & shortbread. GFP

      Scottish cheese board, cheddar, brie, blue, smoked apple wood, oatcakes, redberries.